We are inclusive

For people with a small budget

Suspended Tickets

When purchasing a ticket (online or at the Landiwiese box office) you can pay additionally for a suspended ticket (Fr. 25.–) or a suspended drink (Fr. 6.–) and enable a person with a low income to participate in the festival. Should you want to make use of a suspended ticket or drink, you can call 044 415 15 50 or mail contact@theaterspektakel. ch. Thanks to this campaign, around 200 people were able to watch a performance at the 2019 festival. A big thank you to all the donors.


People under 20 or in possession of one of the following documents can purchase concessionary tickets for personal use: student card, KulturLegi, Zürcher Kantonalbank bank card (limited quota), Tages-Anzeiger’s CARTE BLANCHE (only for performances at the Werft, limited quota). ID or other identity document must be presented at the entrance, otherwise the full price must be paid.

For the visually-impaired

Tactile models

The tactile models installed at the main entrances helps visually-impaired visitors to find their way around the festival site.

Performances with audio-description

The following performances are supported by live audio-description:

Guide dogs

Guide dogs are allowed in all performances. Please announce your visit in advance on contact@theaterspektakel.dont-want-spam.ch or 044 415 15 50 and contact the admittance staff of the respective venue in due time before the start of performance.

For the hearing-impaired

Induction loop

The sound of all performances at the venues Nord and Werft is amplified by induction loops (with the exception of Marina Otero).


All foreign-language productions are categorically surtitled in German, partially also in English or French (with the exception of some Short Pieces).

Descriptive surtitles

All performances of Marion Siéfert’s «_jeanne_dark_», Dorothée Munyaneza’s «Mailles» and Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol’s «Tiburón».

Sign language

On Sun 29 August the performance of Marina Otero and Shalini Randeria’s lecture are translated into sign language. Two concerts that are part of the Zentral programme (Laurent & Max on Sun 29 August and Ikan Hyu on Sun 5 September) are translated into sign language as well.

For people with restricted mobility


All venues, all gastronomic services as well as the entire infrastructure are wheelchair accessible. There are three toilets for the disabled, two of which have Eurokey.

Wheelchair bays

Please reserve your wheelchair bay in advance: 044 415 15 50 or contact@theaterspektakel.ch.

Assisting people

The tickets for assistants to people with disabilities are free of charge. They need to be reserved in advance by phone 044 415 15 50 or contact@theaterspektakel.dont-want-spam.ch.


For their valuable input and critical support in implementing the inclusive measures we would like to thank Alex Oberholzer, Jana Trachsel and Michael Vogt.