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La Despedida


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Many storylines start with a conflict, however «La Despedida» begins with a peace agreement. Following 52 long years of civil war, the Colombian government and the left-wing guerrilla group FARC agreed upon a ceasefire. This was in 2016 and, as with any significant historical moment, the question arises: how will we remember the past?

«La Despedida» commemorates this event which took place in the middle of the jungle. In a dense palm forest with forgotten uniforms, the show stages the farewell (Spanish: despedida) of the guerrilla. Everyone has come to this strange and poetic get-together in order to revive the ghosts of the past. During this seductive mix of archive recordings, revolutionary songs and video footage, exuberant celebration and violence merge into each other.

According to Mapa Teatro, the energetic fusion of celebration and violence is quite common in Colombia. It also characterises the company's three-part project «Anatomía de la violencia en Colombia», which started in 2010 and concludes with «La Despedida». In almost 40 years of its existence, this multi-disciplinary collective has developed a unique artistic handwriting: Its political criticism and high aesthetic aspiration make Mapa Teatro one of South America's most significant theatre companies. (am)

Artistic direction and cast

Konzept, Dramaturgie & RegieHeidi Abderhalden, Rolf Abderhalden
Darsteller*innenHeidi Abderhalden, Rolf Abderhalden, Agnes Brekke, Andrés Castañeda, Julián Díaz, Miguel Molina, Santiago Sepœlveda
Visuelles DesignHeidi Abderhalden, Rolf Abderhalden
BühnenbildPierre Henri Magnin
Musik & SounddesignJuan Ernesto Díaz
KostümdesignElizabeth Abderhalden
Licht & technische LeitungJean François Dubois
VideobearbeitungLuis Antonio Delgado, Ximena Vargas
LivevideoXimena Vargas
InspizienzJosé Ignacio Rincón
ÜbertitelungFranziska Muche (deutsche Übersetzung), Corinne Hundleby (englische Übersetzung)
FotoZTS/Christian Altorfer


ProduktionMapa Teatro, José Ignacio Rincón, Ximena Vargas
KoproduktionThéâtre de la Ville Paris in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Festival d’Automne à Paris, Théâtre de Vidy-Lausanne, Festival Sens Interdits, Next Festival, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Tour in Frankreich als Teil von «Temporadas Cruzadas», 2017 Colombia-France Year
UnterstützungMinisterium für Kultur – Kolumbien, Institut français


Site map

Theatre, ethno-fiction, civil war as cultural history


1:10 hrs.




German, English

An inclusive event

accessible with wheelchair with subtitle with Audiodescription with inductive hearing loop

Sound inductively amplified. The performances on Thu 26 and Fri 27 August are audio-described live

Safety Concept

For this event, a COVID certificate is necessary. Please present your ID or passport along with your COVID certificate at the entrance. There is also an obligation to wear masks. See here for more information about your visit to the Theater Spektakel

Post-performance talk

Fri 27 August



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