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Marina Otero is an exceptional dancer, who makes, or used to make, exceptional demands on her body. «I have always seen myself as at the centre of attention, as the heroine who takes revenge on anybody and anything. But my body was not strong enough. These days, I yield place to my performers. I will watch as they lend their bodies to my narcissistic agenda.» This is Otero’s introduction to «FUCK ME» while she sits at the edge of the stage in the role of the narrator. On stage, there are five naked, well-toned men, all named Pablo, who dance for her.

The third part of her «endless theatre piece of my life» is an eclectic mix of bio pics, documentary theatre and striptease-like dance numbers. Otero tells about how harshly she trained until she could scarcely move, about the operation on her back and hospitalisation without sex, about Andrea, the prostitute, with whom she identified as a teenager, and about the young Marina, who did everything to please. In sharp contrast to the seemingly indestructible musclemen, Otero exposes without mercy the marks that life has left on her body. Ambiguous as its title, «FUCK ME» is a radically candid slice of life as well as a harsh criticism of an achievement-oriented society. (esc)

Artistic direction and cast

Dramaturgie & RegieMarina Otero 
MitAugusto Chiappe, Cristian Vega, Fred Raposo, Juan Francisco López Bubica, Miguel Valdivieso, Marina Otero 
ProduktionMariano de Mendonça 
RegieassistenzLucrecia Pierpaoli 
ChoreografieassistenzLucía Giannoni
Dramaturgische Beratung Martín Flores Cárdenas 
Raum & LichtdesignAdrián Grimozzi 
Kostümdesign Uriel Cistaro
Sounddesign & MusikJulián Rodríguez Rona 
Styling Chu Riperto 
Umsetzung Kostüme Adriana Baldani
VideoLucio Bazzalo 
Technische Montage Video Florencia Labat
Produktionsleitung Mariano de Mendonça, Marina D’Lucca
ÜbertitelungDòra Kapusta (deutsche Übersetzung), Crystaldub (englische Übersetzung), Dòra Kapusta (Operator)
Foto Diego Astarita, ZTS/Christian Altorfer



Site map

Dance, autobiographic expenditure


1 hr.




German, English


18 years plus

An inclusive event

accessible with wheelchair with subtitle with sign language

The performance on Sun 29 August will be translated into sign language

Safety Concept

For this event, a COVID certificate is necessary. Please present your ID or passport along with your COVID certificate at the entrance. There is also an obligation to wear masks. See here for more information about your visit to the Theater Spektakel

Post-performance talk

Sun 29 August



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