Your visit to the Theater Spektakel 2021

Frequently asked questions

We would like to offer you a safe and pleasant visit to the Theater Spektakel. Therefore, all frequently asked questions are answered here.

Should any questions remain unanswered, please send an email to or call us on 044 415 15 50. 

Please check back regularly and inform yourself on the current regulations before your festival visit. 


COVID certificate

What is a COVID certificate?

The COVID certificate provides documentary evidence that you have had a COVID-19 vaccination, have had and recovered from the disease or have tested negative. COVID certificates have been issued since June 2021 by vaccination centres, test centres, hospitals and other medical institutions. If you have any questions or are unsure about the validity of your certificate, we are happy to help you at the festival information desk.

Are COVID certificates from abroad accepted?

Yes. Digital COVID certificates from all EU/EFTA countries can be presented upon admission to the venue. Find further information here.

If you are in possession of a COVID certificate from somewhere else, or if you have any questions or are unsure about the validity of your certificate, we are happy to help you at the festival information desk.

Do I need a COVID certificate for all performances at the Theater Spektakel 2021?

No. A COVID certificate is only necessary for performances at the venues Werft, Nord, Bounce and Rote Fabrik and for «Screws» by Alexander Vantournhout. For the open-air venues on the Landiwiese as well as at the Saal, no COVID certificate is required.

Do children need a COVID certificate?

No. Children younger than 16 do not need a COVID certificate. From the age of 16, a COVID certificate is necessary. For children’s performances taking place indoors, children from the age of 12 must wear a mask.

In what form can/must I present a COVID certificate?

The COVID certificate is issued as a QR-code which can be presented digitally as a PDF or printed out on paper. Additionally, you can also store and present your certificate with the help of the COVID certificate app. If you have any questions or are unsure about the validity of your certificate, we are happy to help you at the festival information desk.

How long is a COVID certificate valid?

For people who have been vaccinated, the certificate is valid 365 days from when the last vaccine dose was administered. For people who have recovered from COVID, the certificate is valid from the 11th day after the positive test result and lasts 180 days from the date of the test result.  For people who have tested negative the following is valid: a) PCR test: 72 hours from when the sample was taken b) rapid antigen test: 48 hours from when the sample was taken. Details on the website of the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH. If you have any questions or are unsure about the validity of your certificate, we are happy to help you at the festival information desk.

What type of test qualifies for the COVID certificate? How long is the test valid?

For the COVID certificate, rapid antigen tests (valid 48 hours) or PCR tests (valid 72 hours) are accepted.

How do I obtain a COVID certificate if I am not vaccinated but want to be tested instead?

With a negative rapid antigen test, you receive the certificate digitally via email or directly to the COVID certificate app. Details on the website of the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH.

Is a self-test at home sufficient?

No. For the COVID certificate, the test must be performed and the certificate be issued by a healthcare professional. 

Safety concept, contact tracing and corona tests

Where can I get tested in the city?

Corona tests are performed in numerous places in the city of Zurich, such as the test centres Triemli and Kasernenareal as well as in many pharmacies and medical practices. If you book an online appointment at the Spital Triemli, make sure you chose the option “mit QR-Code und Zertifikat“ as the reason for treatment. Further details on this website.

Can I get tested at the festival site? How much does the test cost?

Yes. For visitors there will be a possibility on the Landiwiese to get tested. The test station will be open during the opening times of the box office, daily as of 17:00 hrs (resp. one hour before the start of performance); you can book an appointment here. The tests administered on-site are free of charge for those in possession of a ticket for a performance taking place the same day/evening. Additionally, a health insurance card must be presented.

Can I book my test appointment in advance and how long does the test take?

Yes. You can book an appointment here. The test itself lasts 15 minutes. Please also consider that you must be at the entrance of the venue in time (at least 30 minutes before the start of performance).

I am already tested regularly at my workplace. Do I need to get an additional test?

This depends on whether your workplace issues a COVID certificate.

Do children need to be tested? If yes, as of what age?

Children and young people up to age 16 have access to all performances (unless there is an age restriction) without a COVID certificate. This means that children and young people up to age 16 do not need to get tested. 

Do I need to deposit my contact data?

For the performances: No. In the gastronomic services: Yes, when sitting at a table.

I have been tested positive shortly after the performance. What do I need to do?

As there is no contact tracing required for the performances, there is no possibility for tracing in case of a positive corona test. 

Do artists and staff get tested as well?

Yes. All artists and festival collaborators who are not fully vaccinated are tested regularly (two to three times a week).

How are the hygiene rules implemented at the festival?

Handrails and door handles are disinfected before each performance, tables and chairs after each host. The toilets are disinfected approx. every half hour. At the venues where wearing a mask is compulsory, masks are freely available at the entrance. 

Situation on the festival site

Will the Landiwiese be freely accessible?

Yes. The site is open for everyone. Entry controls only take place upon admission to the respective venues (including open air venues). This means that festival visitors as well as bathers and picnic guests are admitted to the Landiwiese.

Will there be a gastronomic offer?

The gastronomic offer is reduced by half this year. You will find the following restaurants and bars on site:

  • Cantina: courtyard left to the main entrance, approx. 220 seats, self-service
  • Tao Yuan/L’Andis: right to the main entrance, approx. 700 seats, self-service
  • Mama Put: entrance Süd, approx. 150 seats, self-service
  • Weinbar: at the lake, near the main entrance, approx. 80 seats
  • Röhrlibar: southern area of the Landiwiese (near the boat pier), playgrounds, sirup bar, hot dogs

Further information regarding opening hours, reservation, safety concept etc. you find here.

Will there be street art? Will there be a bazar?

Yes and no. There will be no spontaneous street art on the site. Instead, the Zentral programme presents street art on the Bühne am Ufer (Fri-Sun) and in various locations in the city (Tue-Thu). The performances are fee and accessible without ticket. The capacity of the Bühne am Ufer is limited. The bazar cannot take place this year.

Are there free events for children on the Landiwiese?

Yes. The Röhrlibar offers playgrounds, a sirup bar and hot dogs near the boat pier on the Landiwiese. On weekends (Fri-Sun), there is a free offer of street art on the Bühne am See (limited capacity). 

Where can I turn to when I have a question or need help?

The info desk at the entrance to the Landiwiese is open from Sun-Thu from 17:00-21:00 and Fri-Sat from 17:00-22:00. Outside those hours, you can call us on 044 415 15 50.

Situation at the venue entrance

How are admission and exit regulated?

At all venues, there is one entrance. As there are no numbered seats, the admission to the venue will be phased. We ask all visitors to keep the adequate distance to each other while queueing, entering and exiting the venue.  

Am I obliged to present an ID? Which documents qualify as an ID?

You only need to present an ID in connection with a COVID certificate at the entrance. Accepted documents are an ID or a passport. For events without a COVID certificate no ID is required. 

Situation at the venues

Are there numbered seats?

No, there is free seating at all venues.

Is there an obligation to wear masks during the performances?

The obligation to wear masks applies to all performances taking place in closed spaces. Per decision of the festival board from August 26th onwards this also applies to performances with COVID certificate. Mandatory mask-wearing is also required for the workshops. For events taking place open-air there is no obligation to wear masks. Please check the respective information when purchasing a ticket and on the billboards at each venue. 


Is there social distancing at the venues? How many people will gather in closed spaces?

According to the current status, the capacities at the venues Werft (624), Nord (330) and Rote Fabrik (50-187 depending on the venue) can be fully exploited as long as the admission is based upon a COVID certificate. The festival direction reserves the right to reduce the capacities should it be necessary due to an increasing dynamic in infections. In all performances without COVID certificate, the adequate distance must be kept. The capacities at the venues Saal (80), Bühne am Ufer (80) as well as at the open-air venues (40-60, depending on the event) are therefore reduced by two thirds. 


Are there intervals during the performances?

All performances take place without interval. Exception: Performances of the Nature Theater of Oklahoma at the Werft; there will be an interval after the first half and the audience can leave the venue (toilets outside). We ask all visitors to respect the adequate distance to each other during the interval. 

Am I allowed to eat or drink during the performances?

No. Taking beverages or food to the performances is prohibited.

Ticket purchase

Can I spontaneously purchase a ticket?

Tickets for all performances are available at the box office at the Landiwiese. If the performance requires a COVID certificate, you can get yourself tested free of charge at the Landiwiese and have a certificate issued. The Corona test station at the Landiwiese is open daily from 17:00 hrs (resp. an hour before the start of performance); you can book an appointment here.

Can I return a ticket purchased in advance should I be tested positive?

No. Purchased tickets cannot be returned. You can pass on your ticket to another person; the tickets are not personalised. 

Can I return a ticket purchased at the box office should I be tested positive afterwards?

Yes. In case you are tested positive at the test station on the Landiwiese shortly after purchasing a ticket, you can deposit the ticket together with your contact details at the box office; we will contact you for the reimbursement.

Can I pass on my ticket?

Yes. You can pass on your ticket to another person; the tickets are not personalised.

Are there digital offers or streaming?

Yes. Also this year, you can watch events live or on demand from home, many of them free of charge.

What happens if an event is cancelled?

In case of adverse weather or storm, the open-air performances on the Landiwiese or on the Saffainsel will be postponed or cancelled. The same applies should a performance be cancelled due to a COVID-19 positively tested artist. The decision of a possible cancellation is communicated on our website or on Facebook no later than two hours before the start of the performance. In those cases, tickets can be returned they way they were purchased (online or at the Landiwiese box office) and will be fully reimbursed.