Zurich's 5th Season

1/13 Die Landiwiese während des Theater Spektakels. (Foto: ZTS/Kira Barlach)
2/13 Spielort Nord. (Foto: ZTS/Kira Barlach)
3/13 Fokusprojekt Terrain|Boris Charmatz 2019: Das Gerippe des Pavillons diente als Openair-Spielort. (Foto: ZTS/Christian Altorfer)
4/13 Fokusprojekt Terrain|Boris Charmatz 2019: Das Gerippe des Pavillons diente als Openair-Spielort. (Foto: ZTS/Christian Altorfer)
5/13 Saffa-Insel mit Seebühne und Neon-Installation von Tim Etchells im Rahmen des Fokusprojekts Forced Entertainment 2018. (Foto: ZTS/Christian Altorfer)
6/13 Spielort Süd auf der Landiwiese. (Foto: ZTS/Christian Altorfer)
7/13 Frank Willems tanzt auf der Brücke zur Saffa-Insel im Rahmen von "20 danseurs pour le XXème siècle" / Fokusprojekt Terrin|Boris Charmatz. (Foto: ZTS/Kira Barlach)
8/13 Talking on Water: Vortragsreihe auf der Seebühne, hier mit Felwine Sarr und Rohit Jain. (Foto: ZTS/Christian Altorfer)
9/13 Lesung auf der Landiwiese, im Hintergrund die Saffa-Insel mit der Seebühne. (Foto: ZTS/Kira Barlach)
10/13 Aufblasbare Kapelle als Spielort für die Performance von Reverend Billy, 2018. (Foto: ZTS/Christian Altorfer).
11/13 Die Werft der Zürichsee-Schifffahrtsgesellschaft dient während des Festivals als Spielort. (Foto: ZTS/Christian Altorfer)
12/13 Das Shuttle-Schiff ins Stadtzentrum. (Foto: ZTS/Kira Barlach).
13/13 Täglich um 21 Uhr: Der Stammtisch auf der Landiwiese.

Founded in 1980 as an annual international meeting of independent theatre groups, the Zürcher Theater Spektakel quickly evolved into a cultural event of international appeal. Today it ranks among the most important European festivals for the contemporary performing arts. This success story has been based on consistent and artistically outstanding programming, a unique atmosphere, the large number of engaged and open-minded spectators. These ingredients have made the Theater Spektakel a popular venue for both renowned and upcoming theatre and dance companies from all over the world.

The festival is spread over 18 days at the «Landiwiese». This superb, park-like site, located directly on the shores of Lake Zurich, hosts various different sized venues. Onsite restaurants and bars, performances under the open sky and various ad hoc events, together with the appealing programme, attract cultural aficionados and night owls from far beyond the borders of Zurich. It is an annual event that is ablaze with life as we celebrate the last days of summer and the open-air season.


Each year the festival directors invite from around the world about 40 individuals and companies whose creations are marked by formal independence, innovative character and artistic ambition. Part of the budget is reserved for festival-owned productions or co-productions. Precedence is given to projects that reflect a connection to the festival.

Programme archives 1999-2019

Programmes 1980-1998

Festival direction

The festival is co-directed by:

  • Veit Kälin, Technical director (since 2015)
  • Matthias von Hartz, Artistic director (since November 2017)
  • Sarah Wendle, Executive director (since 2020)

Promoter and partners

The Zürcher Theater Spektakel is an event of the City of Zurich and is generously funded by its main partners Zürcher Kantonalbank, Swiss Re and the Canton of Zurich as well as by the Tages-Anzeiger as media partner.

Further partners and sponsors of the festival