Strassenkunst auf dem Festivalgelände

For children and families

This year, we continue to tour Zurich’s districts with a popup programme and, finally, present street art again on the festival site: acrobatics, spoken word, clowning, dance, concerts and more by artists from Switzerland and abroad. From Tuesday to Thursday, our programme tours the districts of Zurich on the mobile stage whereas from Friday to Sunday we present it at Bühne am Ufer on the Landiwiese.



Sat 21., 22 hrs, Sat 28.8., 22 hrs and Sat 4.9., 22 hrs

Eloquent, astute and humorous: Similar to a poetry slam, but without competition, poets with explicitly diverse backgrounds present their texts to the audience. At times, explicitly feminist, at times racially diverse, at times explicitly queer.


Je Viens de Partir

Switzerland / Sun 29.8., 18 hrs and Sat 4.9., 20 hrs

In this clownish, solemn piece, two dancers and a musician create shrill, romantic and poetic set-ups for possible encounters. The witness of their ever-changing gestures of exchange seems inconspicuous – a bench.


Bill and Fred’s Adventures

Switzerland, Ireland / Fri 3., 18 hrs and Sat 4.9., 16 hrs

Bill and Fred (Elysia McMullen and Luisa Schmitz) have their own unique intelligence. Playfully, they communicate without words – and fail to understand each other. This clownish dance duo engages in a play with the serious side of life.


Mitéra dyo – ein Fest der Weiblichkeit

Switzerland / Fri 3.9., 20 hrs

The dance ritual «mitéra dyo» is a tribute to being a woman, a celebration of femininity, diversity and fertility, danced by 21 women aged from 7 to 74. Ramon Oliveras (drums) and Andrina Bollinger (voice) also known as JPTR accompany the dance live.


Switzerland / Fri 20.8., 20 hrs and Fri 3.9., 22 hrs

Oszilot is a mix of sound installation and music performance. The transdisciplinary project by Luc Gut and Rolf Hellat combines the physics of pendulums with the cosmos of electronic music and has Galileo Galilei’s 400-year-old discovery continue to produce interesting sounds.



Switzerland, Italy / Sat 4., 18 hrs and Sun 5.9., 18 hrs

Cie Lü (Carla Kühne, Luca Torrenzieri) takes you on an expedition from the igloo down to the beach! What is needed for this 25-minute acrobatic circus show: skis, blocks, glasses, furs, typewriter, balls and masts.



Switzerland / Sun 5.9., 16 hrs

Children’s songs which adults love to listen to as well – this is the vision of Luusbuebe. The band was founded spontaneously in 2016 when the planned gig of a kid’s band at the Openair Wipkingen was cancelled. Their music has its roots in punk and rock with lyrics straight from the heart.


Switzerland / Sun 5.9., 19.15 hrs

Hannah Bissegger and Anisa Djojoatmodjo comprise the Ikan Hyu duo. They nonchalantly flit through various genres – choosing whatever crops up and feels right. Their music style? They call it Elastic Plastic Space Power Gangster Future Pop. Any further questions?


Time to Loop

Italy / Thu 19., 19 hrs, Fri 20., 18 hrs and Sa 21.8., 20 hrs

How is everything related? How does harmony come about? Circus artists Giulia Arcangeli and Luis Paredes, aka Duo Kaos, muse on such questions in their acrobatic show «Time to Loop» – with dexterity, lightness and humour.


Jump Cut

Belgium / Sat 21., 16 hrs and Sun 22.8., 18 hrs

Double Take Cinematic Circus make no secret of their love for film. For «Jump Cut», the duo has been inspired by directors such as Tim Burton. The action takes place where film buffs have spent most of their time in the past months: on a sofa.


Bleu Tenace

France / Fri 20., 20 hrs and Sat 21.8., 20 hrs

Unfortunately, all performances of «Bleu Tenace» had to be cancelled. Due to an accident, the Compagnie Rhizome had to call off its shows. The Zentarl-team deeply regrets this.



Switzerland / Sun 22.8., 16 hrs

Zurich singer-songwriter Sam National and band present catchy and funny songs. The show «Junior» offers entertainment for everyone as it encourages both kids and adults to join in and have fun.


Armenia / Sun 22.8., 21 hrs

The Armenian word «tiezerk» means universe. A rather fitting name for this band founded by teenagers in Armenia. In their extensive travels they have made contacts all over the world. Equipped with mandolin, guitar and harmonica, Tiezerk translates the music from Armenia for an audience from near and far.


Opera for Spaghetti

France / Fri 27., 18 hrs and Sat 28.8., 18 hrs

With object theatre, eccentric juggling and clown magic, «Opera for Spaghetti» tells the story of a man who goes crazy while he waits for his pasta water to boil. It all began when he opened the pack of pasta …


Body #1

Israel / Fri 27., 20 hrs and Sat 28.8., 20 hrs

Maya Schwartz and Ido Barak dedicate this show to all couples and promise a unique reunion with two bodies merging into each another as one. Man and woman – and both at the same time.


Alles Anders?

Switzerland / Sat 28.8., 16 hrs

«Alles Anders?» is a circus spectacle with 50 artists. They are between seven and seventeen – and all looking to a future, a dream, a world beyond normal, where everything is different. A show for the curious in search of inspiration.



Switzerland / Sun 29.8., 16 hrs

Holding hands with a girl at school? Yuck! Who made the best sandwich? Mummy, of course. Laurent Aeberli and Max Kämmerling have packed those and other childhood memories into catchy melodies which will delight children and adults alike.



Switzerland / Sun 29.8., 21 hrs

Swiss musician Gael Kyriakidis is Pony del Sol. Following on from punk, she has recently been exploring softer and more intimate sounds. Her indulgent songs tell about errant ghosts, untamed night hawks and imaginary dwellings.

Artistic direction and cast

FotoZTS/Christian Altorfer, ZTS/Kira Barlach

Bühne am Ufer

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An inclusive event

accessible with wheelchair with sign language

The concerts by Laurent & Max and Ikan Hyu are translated into sign language


Fri to Sun on Bühne am Ufer (Landiwiese)


From Tue to Thu throughout the city. For details see here. The exact venues will be announced in the festival newsletter and on theaterspektakel.ch. The newsletter appears only during the festival and can be subscribed to on festivalnews@theaterspektakel.ch

Safety Concept

For this event, there is no obligation to wear masks and no COVID certificate is needed. See here for more information about your visit to the Theater Spektakel

Open-air performance

In case of adverse weather, the performance will be cancelled


The performances at the Zürcher Theater Spektakel are supported by Ernst Göhner Stiftung and Max Kohler Stiftung
The translation into sign language of the concerts by Laurent & Max and Ikan Hyu is supported by Verein MUX and sichtbar GEHÖRLOSE ZÜRICH


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