ZKB Prizes 1996–2019


Patronage Prize Samara Hersch & Lara Thoms (Australia): We All Know What's Happening
Acknowledgement Prize Ira Melokonyan & Rubberbodies Collective (Ukraine, Netherlands): Upstairs Geology 50/50
Audience Prize Samara Hersch & Lara Thoms (Australia): We All Know What's Happening


Patronage Prize Silke Huysman & Hannes Dereere, Brasilien, Belgien: Mining Stories
Acknowledgement Prize Youness Atbane & Youness Aboulakoul, Marokko: The Architects
Audience Prize Casus Circus, Australien: Driftwood


Patronage Prize Wojtek Ziemilski & Nowy Teatr, Poland: Jeden gest (One Gesture)
Acknowledgement Prize Fatoumata Bagayoko, Mali: Fatou t'as tout fait
Audience Prize Lukas Avendaño, Mexico: No soy persona. Soy mariposa


Patronage Prize Omar Abusaada & Mohammad Al Attar, Syria: While I Was Waiting
Acknowledgement Prize Sorour Darabi, Iran: Farci.e
Audience Prize Gravity & Other Myths, Australia: A Simple Space


Patronage Prize 600 HIGHWAYMEN, USA: Employee of the Year
Acknowledgement Prize Mallika Taneja, India: Thoda Dhyan Se (Be careful)


Patronage Prize Flinntheater, Germany, India: Shilpa – The Indian Singer App
Acknowledgement Prize Geumhyung Jeong, Korea: CPR Practice


Patronage Prize Luis Biasotto, Argentina: Africa
Acknowledgement Prize Eisa Jocson, Philippines: Macho Dancer


Patronage Prize Arco Renz & Amrita Performing Arts, Cambodsha: Crack
Acknowledgement Prize Naoko Tanaka, Japan, Germany: Die Scheinwerferin


Patronage Prize Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol, Mexico: El Rumor del Incendio
Acknowledgement Prize Aly Sobhy and Omar Mostafa, Egypt, for their contribution to Lessons in Revolting by Laila Soliman & Ruud Gielens


Patronage Prize Faifai, Japan: My name is I love you
Acknowledgement Prize Marcela Levi and Flavia Meireles, Brazil: around the hole everything is edge.


Patronage Prize Laura Kalauz & Martin Schick, Argentina/Switzerland: Title
Acknowledgement Prize Kassys, Netherlands: Good Cop Bad Cop.


Förderpreis Le Boustrophédon, France: Court-miracles
Acknowledgement Prize CulturArte, Mozambique: Mafalala 2.


Patronage Prize Young Jean Lee's Theater Company, Korea/USA: Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven
Acknowledgement Prize Back to Back Theatre, Australia: Small Metal Objects.


Patronage Prize Zuhe Niao, PR China: Tongue's Memoy of Home
Acknowledgement Prize Elevator Repair Service, USA: Gatz


Patronage Prize Richard Maxwell, USA: Good Samaritans
Acknowledgement Prize: Hassan Madjooni, Mehr Theatre Iran, for his acting in «Amid the Cloud» by Amir Reza Koohestani.


Patronage Prize Living Dance Studio, PR China: Report on Body
Acknowledgement Prize Wayne Traub, Belgium: Maria Dolores: Wayne Wash I


Patronage Prize Museum of Modern Oddities, Katy Bowman & Neil Thomas, Australia: Odd Hours
Acknowledgement Prize Nuri Harun Ates, Turkey: countertenor in Mustafa Avkiran's «Neos Cosmos 3+3+963»


Patronage Prize Sarah Michelson, USA: Group Experience
Acknowledgement Prize Kolypan, Switzerland: Die Vladimir-Show


Patronage Prize L'alakran, Switzerland: Der spanische Metzger
Acknowledgement Prize Aydin Teker, Turkey: Density


Patronage Prize 400asa, Switzerland: Medeää ex aequo with Marcela Soltan, actress, BlackSkyWhite Theatre, Russia


Patronage Prize Marco Berrettini, France: Sturmwetter prépare l'an d'Emile ex aequo with Gilles Jobin, Switzerland: Braindance


Patronage Prize Huis aan de Amstel, Netherlands: Fast gelungen
Acknowledgement Prize Enzo Scanzi, actor, Switzerland


Patronage Prize Stefan Pucher, Germany: Dreamcity


Patronage Prize Smadar Yaaron, actress, Akko Theater Zentrum, Israel: Arbeit macht frei vom Toitland Europa ex aequo with Alias Compagnie, Switzerland: Moving a Perhaps