ZHdK Master Kulturpublizistik


«Zollfreilager» is a magazine from MA Cultural Publishing of Zurich University of the Arts which focusses on the various ways of observing culture and society. This year, «Zollfreilager» enters again into dialogue with the Theater Spektakel in offering the festival a resonance space. The magazine's special edition «Figures of Figuring» will feature contributions which look at the question of identity as a means of representation. What does it mean to stand up for, or to speak on behalf of, others? What figures are figuring in our everyday life? What roles do we play – for better or worse? (zts)

Artistic direction and cast

Mit Studierenden und Dozierenden des ZHdK-Masterstudiengangs Kulturpublizistik
ProduktionsleitungNoëmi Roos, Gianna Rovere, Ruedi Widmer
SeminarleitungKatja Gläss, Eva Mackensen, Nina Willimann, Irene Vögeli
IllustrationAnthonie de Groot

Culture-critical space of resonance

An inclusive event

accessible with wheelchair