Chrystèle Khodr

The Rise and Fall of Orient Swiss – Bedtime Stories




Lebanon was once called the «Orient Swiss». According to theatre-maker Chrystèle Khodr’s listening piece, this is just a modern myth fostered by Youssef Beidas, the founder of Intra Bank. He embodies the disintegration of Lebanon like nobody else does, she states. The ominous collapse of his bank in the 1960s has had a lasting effect on the collective memory of a country still struggling with the consequences of numerous catastrophes. (zts)




Artistic direction and cast

Konzept & TextChrystèle Khodr
TonabmischungHadi Deaibes
SoundscapeZiad Moukarzel
ÜbersetzungRayya Badran
UnterstützungAl Mawred Culture Resource, Mophradat and Afac
FotoNasri Sayegh


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Collective Listening

Premiere, co-production


40 mins.



An inclusive event

accessible with wheelchair

Collective Listening

Collective Listening is one of the formats we have developed in response to the pandemic last year. The audience listens to listening pieces created by artists from our international network on radios distributed on picnic blankets on the Landiwiese

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On demand

The listening piece is made available on > Digital for free the day after the performance


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