César Vayssié

TANZGRUND: Ein Film über Boris Charmatz’ [terrain] – Film on demand


With [terrain], the choreographer Boris Charmatz sketched the outlines of a future cultural institution at the Theater Spetkakel 2019. This was a format that the pandemic has made even more realistic: a dance centre outdoors on the Landiwiese, ephemeral and anchored in the local community. From workshops and a symposium on the conditions of future cultural productions, to solos and a project with 20 dancers, different formats have explored the idea of a cultural institution without a permanent building. César Vayssié documented the 18-day project. «TANZGRUND», the resulting film is presented during this year's festival in a public viewing and as a stream. (mvh)


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Dance movie


French, English, German



An inclusive event

accessible with wheelchair

Public Viewing

The film will be screened on Tue 24 August at 19 hrs on the Saffainsel. For more information and tickets click here



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