Strassenkunst in der Stadt

For children and families

This year, we continue to tour Zurich’s districts with a popup programme and, finally, present street art again on the festival site: acrobatics, spoken word, clowning, dance, concerts and more by artists from Switzerland and abroad. From Tuesday to Thursday, our programme tours the districts of Zurich on the mobile stage whereas from Friday to Sunday we present it at Bühne am Ufer on the Landiwiese.



Beatbox Burlesque

France / Tue 24.1 18 hrs (Robinsonspielplatz in Witikon), Wed 25., 18 hrs (Hottingerplatz) & Thu 26.8., 18 hrs (Känguruwiese, Friesenberg)

Can beatbox be funny? Of course! The French duo Megahertz supply the evidence. «Beatbox Burlesque» is a crazy show with talking bodies and sounding vocal chords.



France / Tue 31.8., 18 hrs (Röntgenplatz), Wed 1., 18 hrs (Marktplatz Oerlikon) & Thu Do 2.9., 18 hrs (GZ Affoltern)

Two motorised pedestals face each other in a circle of rails. Two acrobats stand on the pedestals, which move round the circle. Dancing and jumping, they begin to mimic each other, sometime in sync, often not, but always with full, physical abandon.

Artistic direction and cast

FotoZTS/Christian Altorfer, ZTS/Kira Barlach

In the city

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An inclusive event

accessible with wheelchair


From Tue to Thu throughout the city; the exact venues you find next to the descriptions of the groups on this page


Fri to Sun on Bühne am Ufer (Landiwiese), details here

Safety Concept

For this event, there is no obligation to wear masks and no COVID certificate is needed. See here for more information about your visit to the Theater Spektakel

Open-air performance

In case of adverse weather, the performance will be cancelled


The performances at the Zürcher Theater Spektakel are supported by Ernst Göhner Stiftung and Max Kohler Stiftung


shows from today
  • Tu 24.08. 18:00 Eintritt frei, Hutsammlung 
  • We 25.08. 18:00 Eintritt frei, Hutsammlung 
  • Th 26.08. 18:00 Eintritt frei, Hutsammlung 
  • Tu 31.08. 18:00 Eintritt frei, Hutsammlung 
  • We 01.09. 18:00 Eintritt frei, Hutsammlung 
  • Th 02.09. 18:00 Eintritt frei, Hutsammlung