Paula Chaves Bonilla

Omni Toxica

Colombia  / Netherlands

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In «Omni Toxica», Paula Chaves Bonilla examines the history of the coca plant, using activist, forensic, spiritist and performative methods. How is it possible that this medicinal plant has been turned into a whitewashed, toxic substance, namely cocaine – the capitalistic success drug whose blood trails lead from Colombia to Northern countries everywhere? In a dystopic setting, the performers stand up to the «coca-cocaine-complex» and its politics of death. «Omni Toxica» confronts the unholy alliances of neo-liberal regimes with rigorous anti-colonial politics and aesthetics. (zts)

Artistic direction and cast

Konzept & künstlerische Leitung Paula Chaves Bonilla 
Choreografie Thais Di Marco, Paula Chaves Bonilla 
Performance Nadia Bekkers, Karina Villafan, Paula Chaves Bonilla 
Requisiten & Szenografie Natalia Sorzano 
Sounddesign Nadia Bekkers 
Dramaturgie & künstlerische Beratung Rodrigo Batista 
Recherche Natalia Chaves López 
Lichtdesign & technischer SupportDana Claasen
FotoZTS/Christian Altorfer


ProduktionVeem House for Performance, Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam

Rote Fabrik, Shedhalle

Site map

Performative criticism of the cocaine complex

Short Piece


50 mins.


English, Spanish


18 years plus

An inclusive event

accessible with wheelchair

Safety Concept

For this event, a COVID certificate is necessary. Please present your ID or passport along with your COVID certificate at the entrance. There is also an obligation to wear masks. See here for more information about your visit to the Theater Spektakel

On demand

From Sun 29 August 18:00 hrs until the end of the festival, the Short Pieces can be watched online for free on > Digital 



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