Schwar zenbach Kompl ex

Not the Same Procedure!

No, let’s not forget again! The committee Schwar zenbach Kompl ex collects memories of the invisible racism and resistance before, during and after the Schwarzenbach initiative in 1970. The group, consisting of everyday experts, activists, cultural workers and researchers, already figured as ké*sarà in the 2020 programme of the Theater Spektakel: They investigated various locations in Zurich, produced a video plea and launched a reunion for political remembrance. This year, the committee around historian Paola De Martin and social anthropologist Rohit Jain invites us to an evening of many-voiced pleas.

The memories and utopias brought to the surface are angry, melancholic, honest and raw: Literary analyses expose the malicious banality of political migration language. Sound collages allow us to experience the social noise of remembering and forgetting. A satirical speech unmasks the antidemocratic «Swissmakers». A letter to the Federal Councillor Sommaruga demands recognition and reparation ...

«Not the Same Procedure!» is a chorus of voices, stories, sounds and appeals from Switzerland’s migration underground. An event between performance and social policy opens the door to a post-immigrant future. (zts)

Artistic direction and cast

ArbeitsgemeinschaftPaola De Martin, Rohit Jain, Catia Porri, Guido Henseler, Salvatore Di Concilio, Melinda Nadj Abonji, Maria Satta-Ermano, Maria-Cecilia Quadri, Wanda Wylowa, Daphne Kokkini, Kerim El-Mokdad, Erik Altorfer, Gessica Zinni/Taminashoe, Rami Msallam, Jelica Popovic, Benyamin Khan
FotoZTS/Kira Barlach


KoproduktionZürcher Theater Spektakel
Unterstützungm2act/Migros-Kulturprozent, Fachstelle Integration Kanton Zürich


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Performance & community, politics of remembrance


1:30 hrs.


German, Swiss German, Italian and further languages

An inclusive event

accessible with wheelchair

Safety Concept

For this event, there is an obligation to wear masks. There is no COVID certificate needed. See here for more information about your visit to the Theater Spektakel



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