Jimmy Grima

Nassaba: Song of a Bird

Malta  / Netherlands

In spring and autumn, during the transcontinental bird migrations, thousands of men in Malta get carried away by an odd passion and begin to sing like birds. In his docu-performance, the Maltese artist Jimmy Grima talks about the community of bird trappers his father belongs to and examines the ambivalence of this pastime. The tradition and the skills used to catch the birds are contrasted with ethical and legal questions. Grima portrays the world of the Maltese bird catchers, knowing that this practice may soon disappear. (rb)

Artistic direction and cast

Konzept Jimmy Grima 
Beratung Joachim Robbrecht 
Autoren Jimmy Grima, Michael Grima, Joachim Robbrecht
 Chor Michael Grima, Louis Camilleri 
ÜbertitelungJulia Camilleri (englische Übersetzung)
Kamera & Schnitt Jimmy Grima 
Schnitt Chris Goa Farrugia 
Design Jimmy (tiny island studio)
Sounddesign & Mastering Mario Sammut 
Bühne Michael Grima, Jimmy Grima 
Gesprächspartner Mark Anthony Falzon 
Produktionsleitung Stephanie Bonnici 
Bühnenbau Matthew Micallef
Ausstattung Aidan Corlett
FotoZTS/Christian Altorfer


ProduktionTeatru Malta, rubberbodies collective
DankProf. Mark Anthony Falzon, Ira Melkonyan

Rote Fabrik, Backstein

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Documentary theatre about migratory birds

Short Piece


45 mins.





An inclusive event

accessible with wheelchair

Safety Concept

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On demand

From Sun 29 August 18.00 hrs until the end of the festival, a recording of this piece can be watched online for free on theaterspektakel.ch > Digital


An event in collaboration with IG Rote Fabrik



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