ZHdK Master Kulturpublizistik




«Hochsitz» is the observatory of the online magazine «Zollfreilager». For the second time, their mobile perch is installed at the Zürcher Theater Spektakel. Positioned in different locations by a «care team», the perch allows observers to follow events from an elevated perspective. In line with the topic of this year’s magazine and in dialogue with the spectators, various «Figures of Figuring» are identified. The resulting contributions and video documentation will be published in the online-platform of «Zollfreilager». (zts)



Artistic direction and cast

MitStudierenden und Dozierenden des ZHdK-Masterstudiengangs Kulturpublizistik
ProduktionsleitungNoëmi Roos, Gianna Rovere, Ruedi Widmer
SeminarleitungKatja Gläss, Eva Mackensen, Nina Willimann, Irene Vögeli
FotoZTS/Christian Altorfer, ZTS/Kira Barlach

Observation and intervention